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Key Features

  • Choose From 3 Affordable Touch Up Services
  • $3, $6, or $12 Per Services
  • Services Completed, On Average, In 48 Hours Or Less*
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed**
  • Unlimited Retouchups
  • No Contracts Or Minimum Purchases
  • Seemlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

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* Orders, on average, are completed in 48 hours or less. Weekends, holidays, and complicated requests can take longer.

** If we can not touch up your image to your satisfaction we will refund you

New Partnership

StudioCloud is pleased to announce that it has partnered with ReTouchUp to provide Touch Up services. This provides a number of advantages over CloudTouchUp's current offering

  • Cheaper pricing than CloudTouchUp could provide.
  • Direct support phone number for any touchup question.
  • The option to select a specific touch up artist.
  • The ability to rush orders.
  • The same quality touch up that you had before.
  • Free touchup image to try out the service
  • 24 hour turnaround time
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We apologize for any issues that this may cause. StudioCloud has decided to go this direction so that we could provide the above features. In the future we expect to add some additional features to StudioCloud which will let you send your images from StudioCloud directly to ReTouchUp using your ReTouchUp account. We believe this will provide the best pricing, service, and streamlined integration for our customers.

How To Get Started

Step 1: Install StudioCloud's free Business Management Software By Clicking Here
Step 2: Open StudioCloud and go to CloudTouchup under the CloudServices icon
View a video tutorial of how CloudTouchUp works by Clicking Here.

A few words about Us

CloudTouchup By StudioCloud is an integrated service provided by StudioCloud International Inc. StudioCloud provides the key technologies needed to integrate touch up services into its business management workflow. However, StudioCloud does not do the actual touch up of the images but has a third party, which has been doing touchup's for over 15 years, provide that service.
StudioCloud is free, easy-to-use, business management software designed for small business owners. StudioCloud is used by tens of thousands of businesses in over 100 countries.
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